EB-5 Immigrant Investor

For foreign investors with projects designed to stimulate the U.S. economy

These Visas are for foreign investors who propose initiatives to create jobs and bring capital investment to the U.S. Some EB-5 Visas are reserved for investors in designated Regional Centers based on proposals for promoting economic growth. A properly completed EB-5 application can lead to permanent residency for the petitioner and his/ her entire family.
Many investors now choose to invest in a Regional Center as the amount of the investment is substantially less ($500,000) and it permits the investor, spouse and minor children to receive resident alien status while giving the investor an option to live and work anywhere in the US.  There are many Regional Centers throughout the US, and an investor must carefully review which Regional Center is best for his/her investment.  As with any EB-5 investment, monies invested are and must be completely at risk, and any investment only considered once a thorough analysis of any Regional Center is completed.  Many investors seek financial advice before making an investment.
The application process includes filing and having approved Form I-526 along with substantial supporting documentation.  Once the I-526 is approved, if the investor is outside the US, processing at a US Consulate is required.  The initial resident status is granted for two years, at which time the investor must file Form I-829 for purposes of securing permanent resident alien status. 
If the investment is a Regional Center is successful, the investor will not only receive resident alien status, but also a return of the initial investment with earnings.  Again, the investment is completely at risk, and the investor must be prepared for this.
The requirements are highly complex, and many other rules apply. Should you be interested in learning more about the EB-5 Immigrant Investor process, please Contact us now.