David and Katalin Tanos

GoffWilson attorneys help young couple build a life in the US Family Case – David and Kati Tanos

A young husband and wife with Hungarian roots describe how GoffWilson guided them through a complex immigration process, from student status to permanent residency. GoffWilson has worked with this family for years, and helped the patriarch establish a thriving business in the United States. Today, with the founder’s son running the company and happily settled with his wife and child, the future looks bright for both the family and the business.

Permanent Resident Card

With patience and persistence, sisters from Singapore reunite in America.

“There were several very difficult stages in the process where their help was invaluable. Without that help, I would probably not be here."
Mona Smith
Zaleha Osman
There’s nothing like having family close by, says Mona Smith. That simple truth was the driving force behind her petition to have her sister, Zaleha Osman, join her permanently in the United States. Smith came to the U.S. from Singapore in 1990, and became a citizen in 1999 with the help of GoffWilson. Shortly after, Smith submitted the petition for Zaleha, and the sisters waited … and waited … and waited … for her number to come up. About ten years later, it finally did. Then came a frenzy of activity, followed by another agonizing wait of about two years. In August 2013, the process again shifted into high gear and Zaleha was at last granted her green card in early 2014. The sisters credit GoffWilson with helping them work through the long and complex process – navigating the bureaucracy, submitting the proper documents, preparing for interviews, and more. “There were several very difficult stages in the process where their help was invaluable,” says Mona.“ “Without that help,” says Zaleha, “I would probably not be here.

Permanent Resident Card

Easing the transition from France to New Hampshire.

“It’s a very bureaucratic process,and if you are not guided through it you are probably going to stumble.”
JP Gouirand
“Don’t try to do it yourself.” For French native J.P. Gouirand and his American wife Persis, that was the key lesson of their months-long effort to obtain J.P.’s Permanent Resident Card. The couple had decided to sell their home outside Paris and shift their main residence to Andover, New Hampshire. J.P. contacted GoffWilson for help, and he’s very glad he did. “It’s a very bureaucratic process,” says J.P., “and if you are not guided through it you are probably going to stumble.” He says GoffWilson guided him “very carefully and very efficiently,” helping him prepare his documentation, arranging interviews in a timely manner, and more. While he often found the process puzzling, J.P. learned to stop trying to make sense of it all and trust the advice of his attorneys. In the end, he says, the case proceeded smoothly, J.P. received his Permanent Resident Card, and the Gouirands began their next phase of life as permanent American residents.