La Maison Navarre

GoffWilson attorneys help bring flavors of France to the US E-2 Visa – La Maison Navarre

A young French couple had a sweet business idea: open a true “Pâtisserie Française” to bring the authentic tastes of home to American palates. They explain how they relied on the services of GoffWilson to make it a reality. GoffWilson immigration attorneys helped at every step, culminating in an E-2 Visa based on investment in the U.S. economy. It was a complex immigration process, but fans of colorful macarons and crusty baguettes will love how it all worked out.

E-2 Visa

How a French native realized his entrepreneurial dream in America.

“When you come from another country and want to start a business in the U.S., you need an attorney you can put all your trust in.”
Daniel Baloche
Founder & CEO
After working for French companies in the U.S., and American companies abroad, Daniel Baloche felt uniquely qualified to start his own international business. His vision: a company to help European software manufacturers penetrate the vast U.S. market, and help U.S. software companies go global. Once he decided to make the leap, the French native called on GoffWilson. The firm recommended the E-2 Visa, and streamlined the process to allow Daniel to receive his Visa in weeks, rather than the months it can often take. For Daniel, this was key. “When you start a business, you need to focus on prospects and customers,” he says. “You don’t want to think about other things. Having GoffWilson on my side took all the pressure off.”