Catholic Medical Center

GoffWilson helps hospital recruit top docs – J Waiver/H Visa/Green Card – Catholic Medical Center

With a shortage of doctors in the United States, hospitals are always looking to recruit qualified physicians from overseas. For institutions like Catholic Medical Center, GoffWilson plays a critical role. CMC’s Director of Physician Recruitment & Retention and a Hospitalist from Syria explain how GoffWilson helps them navigate the immigration process. With GoffWilson’s support, CMC brings in superb doctors from around the world to meet the needs of its community.

KBACE Technologies

GoffWilson attorneys help global employer land top engineers H-1B Visa

To maintain its rapid growth, KBACE has long relied on GoffWilson for help bringing in great engineers from overseas. The company’s former VP of Global Human Resources explains how GoffWilson helps KBACE leverage the skills of foreign nationals through the complex H-IB immigration process. A KBACE engineer from India adds his perspective, and describes how GoffWilson can also help with the family immigration issues that often accompany these cases. Contact GoffWilson to learn more.

Prova Inc

GoffWilson attorneys help bring a “super taster” to the U.S. L Visa – PROVA, Inc

French company PROVA is a global leader in the manufacture of flavors and extracts for the food industry. When the company needed to establish a U.S. lab similar to its Paris facility, it believed only one person had the required expertise. Getting immigration officials to agree was not a simple process. A PROVA Vice President and the Lab Manager from France explain how GoffWilson helped them meet this challenge and grow their business in the U.S.

St. Paul's School

GoffWilson services support prep school’s global staff I-9 Audit/Training – St. Paul’s School

I-9 compliance is essential for organizations that employ foreign workers. GoffWilson provides audit services and workshops to ensure they can recruit the finest global talent. The Director of Human Resources at St. Paul’s School explains how GoffWilson helps to ease the employee verification process. With its trusted immigration partner, St. Paul’s School can confidently maintain a diverse workforce to give students the best possible educational experience.

TN Visas

How a heating technology leader wins the hot competition for candidates.

“ I highly, highly recommend GoffWilson. They stay on top of everything and make my job easy.”
Leticia Guzman
Director, Human Resources
Thermal Engineering International Inc.
Thermal Engineering International is a leading worldwide provider of heat transfer technology. The company relies on GoffWilson for many immigration matters, including TN Visas that allow Mexican and Canadian citizens to work in the U.S. “We often need specialized talent with experience in our field, and there’s a lot of competition for those candidates,” says Leticia Guzman. Guzman credits GoffWilson for making complex cases appear relatively simple. “The TN Visas have been so smooth, from the preparation of letters on through the entire process.” In the case of one senior Mexican executive and his family, “I was amazed how fast and accurate their work was,” says Guzman. “We went from TN Visa to permanent resident status in half the time we expected. When you need to get things done, the team is there for you. I am very pleased with their services.”

Immigration Services

How a language services company defines excellence in immigration law.

“ It gives me peace of mind knowing I don’t have to worry about things being done correctly…GoffWilson are the experts and they do a great job.”
Larry Costa
Founder and President
WorldWide Language Resources, Inc.
With experience operating on every continent, WorldWide Language Resources provides a broad range of services “in every language known to man,” according to founder Larry Costa. To meet the needs of its clients in government, defense, academia and private industry, the company must often bring in talented linguists, interpreters, translators and other professionals from around the world. “These are hard-to-find people,” says Costa, “with expertise in specific areas of language training and linguistics,” who are essential to the company’s operations. In satisfying the complex legal requirements, “a mistake can cost you months, if not a year.” But with GoffWilson, that’s not an issue. “Once we provide the candidate’s name, GoffWilson does whatever is needed to bring that person into the country,” says Costa. “They’re very efficient, and everything is done correctly the first time.”

L-1 Visa

How a global technology company shortens the employee learning curve.

“GoffWilson has been phenomenal to work with – upfront, ethical, highly skilled…and the job is impeccably done.”
Cheryl Brody
Former Vice President, Human Resources
NaviSite, a Time Warner Cable company, trusts GoffWilson for a variety of immigration services. The company places special emphasis on L-1 Visas that allow their foreign employees to relocate to the American office. “Those L-1 transfers are particularly critical to our business,” says Cheryl Brody. “Coming from our India office, they already know our company and how we do things. That puts them way ahead on the learning curve.” Brody credits the firm for finding the best approach to each case, and applying their knowledge to make the process as smooth as possible. “Immigration can be very complex, and the right course of action isn’t always clear. They’re great at reviewing each candidate’s background, bringing the details into focus, and preparing everyone for what’s ahead, so we’re all on the same page and understand why we’re going a certain way.”

O-1 Visa

How the Mount Washington Railway got its future on track.

“We needed a specific person, and GoffWilson helped us get him here. They are invaluable to anyone who has any kind of immigration issue.”
Wayne Presby
Mt. Washington Railway Company
The Mt. Washington Railway Company runs the famous Cog Railway, which carries passengers to the summit of New England’s tallest mountain. For years, the company tried without success to convert their coal-fired locomotives to oil, a more reliable source of fuel that causes less wear and tear on locomotive components. According to Wayne Presby, there are only two or three people in the world with the skills to do the job. But because it called for high-tech work on low-tech equipment, this case didn’t fit neatly into any immigration category. GoffWilson knew how to overcome the obstacles to help Presby get his man. Welshman Nigel Day quickly received a three-year Visa to tackle the job. And thousands of tourists can expect a cleaner, smoother ride to one of America’s most beautiful peaks.

Form I-9

How a global footwear company found the perfect fit for I-9 compliance.

“They’re very responsive, very supportive…GoffWilson has been a great partner for us.”
Cheryl Garrison
Human Resources Manager
A leader in innovative comfort footwear, ECCO USA has almost 50 retail stores nationwide and hires around 300 new employees annually. In recent years, the company struggled to maintain compliance with Form I-9, which verifies a person’s eligibility to work in the U.S. “It was a difficult process to manage,” says Cheryl Garrison. “Especially since most hiring is done in our stores and our managers were not very familiar with I-9.” ECCO brought in GoffWilson to audit all I-9 forms, and conduct workshops for hiring managers. “They showed us how to correct our mistakes, and they built a structure around the process going forward. Now we all know exactly what we have to do to stay compliant and reduce the company’s liability. We’re in a much better place today.”