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H-1B Season Is Almost Here!

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H-1B visas—those hard-to-get, always-valued professional visas—will be up for grabs in about 60 days! Don’t miss out this year as we expect the cap of H visas (only 65,000 released) to be filled by mid-April. With qualified US workers in short supply, there is more and more call from employers wanting to hire IT consultants, healthcare workers and other high-tech folks all needing H visa status. Keep in mind we can file within the first 5 days of April for a visa that allows the person to work for your company beginning October 1, 2017.
There are always a lot of things to consider for an H visa, such as cap-gap issues, travel, job descriptions, industry standards, staffing and consultant workplace issues, and more. Also, if you hope to employ a graduate now working for you in OPT status when that status runs out, you’ll want to file for the H visa on April 1st. Contact us now—we are immigration pros with decades of experience. We will discuss your options so we can get your H application in on the first day of filing. It’s what we do!
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