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Are You Equipped to Handle the Proposed I-9 Changes?

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On or before November 22, 2016, the much-anticipated revised Form I-9 will be released. Employers will have until January 21, 2017 to transition to the new form, but after this date, all prior versions of the form will no longer be accepted. Anyone using an out of date Form after 1/22/17 will be subject to substantial fines as we reported in a prior blawg. In addition to modified fields and requirements, the proposed Form I-9 changes are expected to include many “smart” features for when the form is completed electronically. These include:
Safeguards on certain fields to ensure information is entered correctly
Drop-down lists
Embedded instructions
Easy-access buttons that allow users to access the instructions, print the form, and clear the form
A barcode that can be used to streamline audit processes
These “smart” features are designed to aid employers in completing the Form I-9. However, they can also create additional complications. Companies without electronic I-9 processes in place that are simply using the updated PDF version of Form I-9 must be mindful of which sections they are completing. Working with an employee to complete Section 1 on your computer creates a need for completing the Preparer Section of Form I-9. Additionally, companies considering switching to electronic Form I-9 completion need to be aware of the specific rules of use.
Once the revised Form I-9 is released, employers are encouraged to seek training on its proper completion. I-9 Audits are predicted to increase next year to ensure employers are using the new form as mandated. Non-compliant companies can expect hefty fines due to the August 1st U.S. Department of Justice fee increase, which was previously discussed in our August 23rd blawg post.
GoffWilson offers I-9 training in public and private settings several times throughout the year. Upcoming sessions are scheduled for January 12, 2017 in Concord, NH and January 26, 2017 in Burlington, MA. Contact our office today to sign up or for more information! Also stay tuned to our bLAWg for more updates on the new Form I-9 once it is released. I-9 Compliance and keeping your company up to date is what we do!

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